WinBuilder [072a]

  NaughtyPE4133,42 KbNaughtyPE is meant to be a portable EmergencyOS, to be carried around on a MiniCD and is therefore just 210MB in size, while it still features such cool things as sound and requires just 128MB RAM to operate, 256MB to use the video players.MedEvil

  Applications1230 BytesAdd programs to your projects - most scripts already include all needed files inside. You can browse each category and select which programs should be added.Boot Land Community
  QuickScript00115,20 KbThe quickest way in the west, to add programs to your PE! ;)#$XJust browse to the exe you wanna use and set where you want shortcuts created.MedEvil

  folder.project186 BytesAudio and Video ApplicationenBoot Land Community
  MPlayer For PE!47,46 MbAdds MPlayer for Windows to your PE build. MPUI 1.2-p3b38; MP Core Sherpya-SVN-r26446-4.2.3 "arguably the best (and smallest) media player in the world"amalux, Fixes by MedEvil
  VLC 8.6c412,55 MbMedia PlayerMedEvil
  XMPlay003393,88 KbSmall Audio player like WinampHighwayStar

  DriveImage XML61,68 MbDriveImage XML is an easy to use and reliable program for imaging and backing up partitions and logical drives.Boot Land Community
  folder.project172 BytesBackup ProgramsBoot Land Community

       NaughtyPE/Apps/CD&DVD Burning
  CDImageGUI2834,24 KbCD/DVD .iso image creationGalapo
  Small CD Writer002442,08 KbThis script will include Small CD writer in your PE compilationBoot Land Community
  DeepBurner12,22 MbDeepBurner is an advanced and extremely powerful CD and DVD burning package.Astonsoft
  folder.project173 BytesBurning softwareBoot Land Community
  ImgBurn31,57 MbAdds ImgBurn to the PE build, lightweight feature rich freeware for burning discs.thuun
  InfraRecorder0043,39 MbAdds InfraRecorder (v.0.44.1), freeware CD/DVD recording software, to the build.Galapo
  UltraISO144,97 MbCD/DVD image creation; mounting of images. Version UltraISO Copyright (C) 2002-2007 EZB Systems, Inc.Galapo

  Dependency Walker1549,04 KbProgram that helps find files needed to run other programsSteve P. Miller
  folder.project199 BytesTools for debuging of Apps, Scripts and PEBoot Land Community
  Jedi Dependency Viewer11,12 MbCheck dependencies and informations about running processesPetr Vones
  Jedi Tool Help Viewer11,14 MbView extensive details about an executable filePetr Vones
  RegScanner157,38 KbHelps finding very specific keys in the registryNirsoft
  RegShot248,84 KbCompare changes in the registry between two momentsParaglider
  WinServices9449,43 KbEnhanced Windows Service ManagerPeter Schlang
  ServicesPE002761,59 KbAdds ServicesPE (Edit Remote Services) to the build.Galapo
  Serviwin141,24 KbView list of installed drivers and allow to modify their startup priorityNirsoft
  UnknownDevices2608,93 KbAdds UnknownDevices PCI inspector to the PE buildthuun

  ATTO Disk Benchmark1319,83 KbHDD and USB-Stick BenchmarkMedEvil
  folder.project186 BytesTools For Various DiagonsticsBoot Land Community
  HD Tune1247,45 KbProvides detailed informations about your HDD and real time stats like temperature.Boot Land Community
  jv16PowerTools0052,28 MbAdds jv16PowerTools (v. to the build. (Requires my Runscanner script to function properly as well as writable %ProgramFiles% directory.)Galapo
  MiTeC System Information1708,05 KbExtensive details about your system and hardwareMichal Mutl
  MiTec File Analyzer1684,63 KbThis application decodes and analyzes some special files used by Windows OS. In these files is interesting information for forensic analysis.Michal Mutl
  Runscanner011367,95 KbThis script will include Runscanner v. in your PE compilation. Includes remote Regedit.Bits&PCs; modified by Galapo
  WD HDD diagnostic1423,39 KbPerform drive identification, diagnostics, and repairs on a Western Digital FireWire, EIDE, or USB driveWestern Digital

  A43 File Manager11,10 MbThis script will add A43 File Manager v2.53 to your PEMedEvil
  Eraser11,04 MbAllows you to remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it with carefully selected patterns.Sami Tolvanen
  folder.project192 BytesFilemanagers And File Related ToolsBoot Land Community
  FreeCommander22,44 MbAdds FreeCommander to the PE build, a powerfull dual view file manager with ftp functionality.thuun
  OverDisk005655,02 KbA disk space overview utility (v.0.11b).Galapo
  y-copy1216,44 KbCopy the files from one drive to another just like a regular copy. The difference being that when it encounters a file that it can't copy (for whatever reason) it doesn't just give up. Instead it makes a note of the file(s) that couldn't be copied and moves on to the next one.ruahine

  FindOnClick0091,23 MbAdds FindOnClick (v. to the build, an exceedingly fast file-searching program.Galapo
  folder.project172 BytesFile Search ToolsBoot Land Community
  Super Finder11,03 MbPowerful replacement for Windows XPô built-in searchfreesoftland
  xsearch001235,24 Kbfile search toolbillonious

  FreeFSCapture5311,78 MbFree FastStone Capture v.5.3 will be added on the projectPedro Le 15
  FastStoneViewer0013,27 MbPicture BrowserMedEvil
  folder.project181 BytesPicture Tools and BrowsersBoot Land Community
  Paint0042,23 KbIncludes MS Paint in the PE buildBoot-Land community
  PhotoFiltre0012,44 MbPicture EditorMedEvil
  XnView01113,71 MbAdds XnView (v.1.92.1) to the build.Galapo

  folder.project168 BytesHex EditorsBoot Land Community
  HxD2770,17 KbAdds HxD hex editor to the PE buildthuun

  CD-Opera 8.54 Web Browser44,94 MbRun straight off CD version of OperaMedEvil, Language-Select by pedrole
  CoreFTP0071,80 MbAdds CoreFTP (v.2.0 build 1531) to the build.Galapo
  FishRadio31,77 MbInternet RadioMedEvil
  Flash Player for IE (Only)22,75 MbAdobe Flash Player v10asaydin77
  Flash Player Upgrade 4 CD-Opera (Only)12,54 MbUpgrades the Flashplayer in CD-Opera to v10a, but requires additional 3MB!MedEvil
  folder.project1101 BytesWeb Browsers and other Internet related addonsBoot Land Community
  HFS1709,65 KbStandalone HTTP File ServerMassimo Melina
  Internet Explorer17242,52 KbMicrosoft Internet Explorer v6 for LiveXP/NativeEx/NaughtyPEsaydin77

  folder.project1113 BytesTools to diagnose, configure and test network connections.Boot Land Community
  Netmeter 999b28342,30 KbVisual network activity monitorthuun
  PENetwork24549,74 KbNetwork Settings and Support.Holger Kotsch

  Calculator0022,39 KbWill add Paint to the PE compilation.John Adamopoulos
  folder.project183 BytesProdutivity related programsBoot Land Community
  Foxit PDF Reader41,89 MbAdds Foxit PDF Reader 2.0 build 1606 with a StartMenu shortcut and shell integration.thuun
  Notepad00811,26 KbWill add Notepad to the PE compilation.John Adamopoulos
  Spread321651,08 KbSpreadsheet programStephen Bye
  Word Pad0095,09 KbWill add Word pad to the PE compilation.John Adamopoulos
  xCHM0051,50 MbAdds xCHM (v.1.13) to the build.Galapo

  7-Zip 4.57161,04 MbAdds 7-Zip file manager to the PE build, a powerful free archiver.curare, thuun, and Garfield
  folder.project166 BytesArchiversBoot Land Community
  IZArc0073,83 MbAdds IZArc (v.3.81) compression software to the buildGalapo

  folder.project179 BytesRecovery related ToolsBoot Land Community
  Password Renew3376,38 KbAdds Salsa's Password Renew to the PE buildthuun
  Roadkil Disk Utl.302425,11 KbSelect Roadkil disk utilities to add to the PE buildthuun
  WindowsGate1370,00 KbProgram to unlock Windows installed on disk.Damian

       NaughtyPE/Apps/Recovery/File Recovery
  ADRC Data Recovery166,68 KbUndelete files. Disk image back up. Restore a backup image. Copy files from hard disk with bad sectors. Disk cloning/backup/edit and restore your boot parameters.ADRC
  CD Recovery1664,91 KbRecover damaged files from different disk types: CD, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-RayRecovery Toolbox
  DiskInternals LinuxReader11,44 MbBrowse Ext2/Ext3 Linux file systems and extract files from there.DiskInternals
  DiskInternals NTFSReader1922,69 KbWhen reading files, the program ignores all security policies and file access rights. Even if it is forbidden to access a file, NTFS Reader will be able to save it!DiskInternals
  DiskInternals Zip Repair1537,21 KbBuilt-in extraction features that allow it to extract partially damaged and restored zip files.DiskInternals
  folder.project184 BytesFile Recovery related ToolsBoot Land Community
  Handy Recovery1473,24 KbFinds and recovers deleted filesBoot Land Community
  Recuva8524,78 KbAdds Recuva v1.0.9.194, freeware from Piriform Ltd. for restoring deleted files.thuun
  Smart Data Recovery1580,36 KbRecover any deleted files, including MS Office files, photos, mp3 and zip files, even if the partition table is lost!Smart PC Tools

       NaughtyPE/Apps/Recovery/Partition Recovery
  folder.project189 BytesPartition Recovery related ToolsBoot Land Community
  MBRWhisky3419,08 KbAdds MBRWhisky, a simple MBRWiz front end for disk MBR configuration and repair in Windows PE.thuun
  Final Partition Recovery1924,56 KbScan and find lost Partitions [demo]MeetSoft
  Partition Find and Mount21,98 MbScans the HDD for lost partitions and allows to mount them as imagesA-FF Labs
  Smart Partition Recovery1370,71 KbFind lost partitions and restore them backSmart PC Solutions

  Extra Wallpaper1341,19 KbWill add this Wallpaper by TheHive to the ExplorerMedevil
  folder.project1103 BytesAddons to change the overall appearance of your PEBoot Land Community
  Get Pretty48,77 MbPretties up your NaughtyPE.MedEvil
  Lithium Desktop21,01 MbLightweight Shell Replacement with SkinningMedEvil

  XP Themes1621,48 KbAdds XP Themes, May not work on certain Virtual machinesJFX
  ThemePatch.au311,02 Kb
  ThemePatch.exe243,11 Kb

  PECMD.EXE152,50 Kb
  PECMD.INI62 Bytes

  PEGina.dll25,50 Kb

  16 Bit support513,68 KbThis script will add support for DOS programs and windows applications in 16bit adding around 4Mb to your build.John Adamopoulos
  DTemp174,62 KbMonitor HDD temperature in traydalesoft
  folder.project1110 BytesAddons related to the improvement of the overall systemBoot Land Community
  Go2PDF Virtual PDF Printer5159,36 KbAdds the go2pdf virtual PDF printer to your build allowing you to make PDF files within Windows PERadoi Ovidiu
  MMC01237,58 KbInstalls the MMC console and its tools in your buildJohn Adamopoulos
  PE to USB1138,56 KbCreate USB boot disksCodeBeetle
  Registry Editor0066,30 KbWill add Registry Editor to the PE compilation.Radoi Ovidiu; thuun
  Task Manager0064,81 KbWill add Task Manager to the PE compilation.Radoi Ovidiu
  Unlocker362,97 KbAdds Unlocker 1.8.5 to the right click context menu of files and folders. Unlocker terminates open, 'locked' processes.thuun

       NaughtyPE/Apps/VNC Tools
  folder.project180 BytesRemote Desktop SoftwareBoot Land Community
  TightVNC2817,94 KbRemote control other computers. This scripts lets you adds both the viewer and server.MedEvil
  UltraVNC51,31 MbAdds UltraVNC (v.1.0.2) to the build.Galapo
  VNC Viewer1372,79 KbVNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. It is remote control software which allows you to view and fully interact with one computer desktopRealVNC

  folder.project1405 BytesThis folder has the basic scripts needed to create a boot disk. You only need to enable this folder and the "Finish" folder to get a working project.Boot Land Community

  Define Fundamentals3563,94 KbThis script defines basic values used later in the buildPeter Schlang
  Lithium Fix114,07 KbFixes the Settingsdrive Letter for Lithium DesktopMedEvil
  VerifyMacros343,61 KbContains macro definitions for verifyPeter Schlang
  myOptions1768,99 KbThis script saves and restores the user defined options of a project.Peter Schlang
  WB Manager1466,93 KbStore / Restore project constellations; Hide / Show unused scriptsPeter Schlang
  Verify Project3474,95 KbMakes some logical checks inside your projectPeter Schlang
  folder.project1248 BytesThis folder contains the script which supervise if all scripts on this project have correct settings and sets some global configuration parameters. Read them carefully before changing anything.Boot Land Community

  Retrieve Project Info149,34 KbThis script checks the source CD and writes information about the OS and service pack inside the ProjectInfo.ini filePeter Schlang
  Make directories83,51 KbThis script will create all basic directories needed for this buildPeter Schlang
  HoJoPE Hives Factory3889,49 KbThis script will add registry hives and txtsetup.sif depending on your setup CD. If they do not exist yet, they are created.Peter Schlang
  Build Model53210,19 KbThis script checks the source CD for localized folder names and generates an image $ModelRAM in the target directory. The localized names are also written to ProjectInfo.ini section [Paths].Peter Schlang
  Copy and Expand files1817,93 KbCopy and expand compressed files from your Windows Install CD/DVD or folder into your build. This step is fundamental to add all needed system files.Peter Schlang
  AutoIt Support3356,32 KbWill add AutoIt.exe to your PEPeter Schlang
  Autoruns146,44 KbWill add support for silent autoruns to the PE compilation.John Adamopoulos
  Common_Api22179,61 KbThis script contains a set of magic functions that you can use inside your script to make some tasks easier like creating shortcuts and extracting files.Pedro Le 15
  Empty Hive75,50 KbThis script will create an empty registry hive and fill with user defined dataPeter Schlang
  folder.project1202 BytesThis folder contains all the essential scripts that will create your project. Please read carefully what each script does before changing anything.Boot Land Community
  Log script process52,74 KbThis script writes a time stamp into the ProjectInfo.ini filePeter Schlang

  Explorer40178,04 KbWill add Explorer to the PE compilation.Radoi Ovidiu
  folder.project1198 BytesSelect which shell you like best.Boot Land Community

  folder.project1171 BytesSome addons needed by the system, please read carefully the instructions on each script before changing anything here.Boot Land Community
  ImDisk1474,34 KbWill add an ImDisk RAMDrive to the buildPeter Schlang

       NaughtyPE/Basic/Shells/Explorer Tweaks
  Explorer shell - Tweaks and Settings9122,53 KbCustomizes your WinBuilder's Explorer shellcurare
  External Media Shortcuts6548,77 KbWhen you insert an External Media CD or DVD, shortcuts are generated following a predefined listPeter Schlang
  folder.project186 BytesTweaks for the Explorer ShellBoot Land Community
  Misc Settings1638,80 KbSet some additional stuff.Holger Kotsch

  Auto Keyboard57,59 KbChange the keyboard layout of your build based on your PC's settingsPeter Schlang
  autoLocalization312,62 KbChange your build based on your regional settings.Peter Schlang
  Display Properties774,48 KbSet your default display properties here.Holger Kotsch
  driverSigning00735,74 KbSuppresses the 'Unsigned Driver' dialog at runtime, even if RSAENH.dll is loaded.Peter Schlang and thuun
  Explorer Tweaks1103 BytesGeneral Tweaks for the PEBoot Land Community
  SetResolution18384,62 KbAllows for setting different resolutions for virtual machines or native (non-virtual) machines.Galapo, GUI fixes by MedEvil
  Toggle Keyboard44,21 KbPrepares your build to toggle between two keyboards using (left alt)(shift)Peter Schlang
  Wallpaper511,61 KbWill add your favorite wallpaper to the ExplorerPeter Schlang

  Audio XPE123,59 MbAdds preinstalled audio support to the XPE shell for Pebuilderthuun
  folder.project192 BytesAdd driver support for your hardware.Boot Land Community
  HD-Audio Support (NaughtyPE Edition)1365,16 KbThis script adds HD Audio Bus Driver and some HD Audio device driversMedEvil
  hostNIC2256,13 KbThis script will inside the running PE detect and install the host's NICPeter Schlang
  Qemu Audio Driver1312 BytesHighwayStar
  Qemu 0.9.0 Network Driver32,53 KbPeter Schlang
  Qemu VGA Driver1459 BytesHighwayStar
  SATA Drivers0042,76 MbAdds support for more SATA controllers. If all selected, the already compressed drivers will add 2 MB to your build.Lodovik
  Universal Video Driver952,14 KbThis is a better universal video driver to replace the default XP one.Peter Schlang
  USB Mass Storage Devices1221,66 KbWill add USB Mass Storage Devices (USB memory sticks), keyboards and mice support.Radoi Ovidiu
  Virtual Machine Drivers3226,72 KbAdds needed Drivers for your Virtual Machine(s)MedEvil
  Virtual PC Intel Network Driver345,52 KbAdds an NIC driver to the build for Microsoft Virtual PCthuun
  VirtualPC VGA Driver1022,77 KbAdds a VGA driver to the build for Microsoft Virtual PCthuun
  VirtualPC Audio Driver001442 BytesMedEvil
  VMWare and VirtualBox NIC532,08 KbAdds VMWare and VirtualBox network driver files to the PE build, driver update included.thuun
  VMWare Audio Driver1509 BytesHighwayStar
  VMWare Video488,27 KbIncludes VMWare's Vmx SVGA driverHighwayStar; driver update, thuun
  XPE - pnp multimedia15387,69 KbSupport of PNP & multimedia in WinBuilder environment. Script copy necessary drivers and libraries for system devices and multimedia devices.Highway Star
  Hot-plug USB keyboard and USB mouse002271,24 KbHot-plug USB keyboard and USB mouse and non-boot mouse and non-boot keyboardGalapo; WB port of cdob's BartPE plugin

  folder.project1219 BytesScripts on this folder are meant to finish your project and create your ISO. After completing this step they can also be emulated so that you can check the results.Boot Land Community

       NaughtyPE/Finish/1 Optimizations
  autoCompress570,63 KbCAB compresses driver (*.sys) files in your PE to make the resulting PE size smallerPeter Schlang
  autoUPX2082,92 KbUPX is a program used to compress executable files like .EXE or .DLL, this script will generate a list of compressable files for the current project and then will run it. The result is a very significant size reduction on the final ISO size.Peter Schlang
  Optimization1135 BytesPerform aditional operations to reduce the size of the imageBoot Land Community
  medevil my PE2948 BytesMedevils NaughtyPE in a number of ways. :-)MedEvil
  NaughtyPE Compatibility for WB v0.8023,28 KbThis script includes patches 'helpful' for NaughtyPE with WinBuilder version 0.80MedEvil

       NaughtyPE/Finish/2 Create Image
  Boot SDI45740,49 KbCreates an IMA file from the current compilation in Target folder that can be booted into Ram from CD, HDD and USB disks. For runnining the build in qEmu please uncheck any other "Create ISO" scripts inside the project.Starting idea of HighwayStar, edited by NIKZZZZ and Oleg_2
  Create ISO2415,98 KbCompiles the current compilation on the target directory to an ISO file that can be booted in qEmu and/or burnt on CD-R.Open source community; edited by edborg; edited by psc
  Create Image1144 BytesThese scripts create an image that can be used to burn on a CD or DVDBoot Land Community

       NaughtyPE/Finish/3 Emulation
  Emulation1145 BytesAfter creating an image, see how it will work inside a computer emulator.Boot Land Community
  Run ISO in qEmu410,78 KbQEMU is an open source PC emulator created by Fabrice Bellard wich is used to emulate an ISO file as a Bootable CD-ROM inside a virtual computer. Press Ctrl+Alt+F while running to view in fullscreen.Boot Land community
  Run ISO in VirtualBox95,23 KbRuns your PE ISO in VirtualBoxPeter Schlang
  Run ISO in VMware64,96 KbRuns your WinBuilder PE ISO in VMware player or workstationbooty#1

       NaughtyPE/Finish/4 Burn Image
  Burn CD519,94 KbBurn an ISO using CDRecord.Peter Schlang

  folder.project1157 BytesSome tools which were added for special tasks - not meant to be executed while the project is running.Boot Land Community
  RegEditWB76,36 KbThis script loads the target registry hives into RegeditPeter Schlang
  ReOpen1064,03 KbRe-activates the project to run a single scriptPeter Schlang
  SaveBase87,59 KbSaves a prebuilt simple project for later usePeter Schlang
  WB Version0051,14 MbThis script provides a version of WinBuilder that's been thoroughly testedthuun

  7z.exe184,00 Kb
  7za.exe446,50 Kb
  7zCon.sfx60,50 Kb
  AutoIt3.exe122,17 Kb
  cdimage.exe107,50 Kb
  cdmake.exe25,43 Kb
  cdrecord.exe129,50 Kb
  cygwin1.dll1,79 Mb
  hiderun.exe1,50 Kb
  mkisofs.exe339,00 Kb
  reg2WBSprg.exe44,50 Kb
  regRedirect.exe43,00 Kb
  setOptions.exe45,50 Kb
  UnRAR.exe92,00 Kb
  unzip.exe72,00 Kb
  upx.exe255,00 Kb
  webget.exe22,50 Kb
  WGDLL.dll6,00 Kb
  WGet.exe93,50 Kb

  bios.bin128,00 Kb
  fmod.dll159,00 Kb
  hdd.img19,58 Kb
  libusb0.dll18,50 Kb
  MakeImage.bat46 Bytes
  qemu-img.exe125,50 Kb
  qemu.exe676,83 Kb
  SDL.dll260,00 Kb
  vgabios-cirrus.bin34,50 Kb

  README.TXT31,33 Kb
  vdk.exe156,00 Kb
  vdk.sys15,90 Kb

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